Once again PASS~PORT and VANS collaborate to bring us a new take on the Skate Half cab and Skate Lampin.

With the release of the collaboration they also drop an amazing video that you can not miss...

Starring Sam Sutton, Callum Paul, Adelaide Norris, Michael Miernsynski, Yuma Takei, Kevin Shealy & Matthiew Lucas-d'souza. Filmed & Edited By Jonathan Fitzgerald. Produced By Trent Evans & Jonathan Fitzgerald. Additional Filming By Geoff Campbell, Johnathan Flechas, Daniel Dent, Majick Templeton, Kenji Haruta, George Kousoulis, Tim Cobden & Redd Sarson Animations & Titles By Samuel Thornton & Harry Green. HI8 Footage By John Green. Guest Digby Luxton, Simon Zuzic, Jack Kirk

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