Skateboarding means change, and if you don’t agree on that you must be loving your D3’s. Change is sometimes synonym to evolution and in very few cases it even means progress.

I feel like Limosine is one of the few cases that make skateboarding “skateboarding” again and not some established “this is how it must look” kind of discipline. = Progress.

You couldn’t expect less from names such as Max palmer and Cyrus Bennet, after quitting Call Me, Limosine seemed like the right empty canvas where to put their personality and creativity, and judging by their new video “Paymaster” the chances disagreement are 0.1%

So ladies and gentlemen, we invite toy to press click and make your sunday worth it by watching Paymaster now and get to know what Limosine is about.

Oh and one last thing; popcorn as breakfast is not that bad.



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