2021 Dunks Nike Sb

In 2021, the Nike SB Dunk has starred in some most curious releases, such as the VX1000. Now this Nike range will continue its series of fun motifs through this new variation of the Nike SB Dunk High “Hawaii”.

These Nike SB Dunk High “Hawaii” are the heirs of other sneakers that were introduced in 2005, but we could say that they are distant cousins: they hardly share the name. Unlike the volcanic Nike SB Dunk Low “Hawaii” that originally launched 16 years ago, this new lifestyle proposition deviates with a brighter, bolder presentation. Packed with aloha spirit, this high-cut offering is adorned with floral patterns that alternate between luscious shades of green, blue, and aqua and rose petals.

In addition, the laces have been drenched in an off-white hue and the Nike SB tabs placed on the tongues are openly highlighted with their orange bottoms. The midsoles opt for a simple white exterior and come unified with a cream colored sole. Without a doubt, a model that Maluma will love.

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